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Sex in the bathroom gives woman ultimate pleasure

Every person uses bathroom every day when nature calls or when it’s time to take a shower or a bath. However, not too many people think that a bathroom gives a variety of opportunities for sex. The advantages of shower sex are obvious. This small room can hide a loving couple from guests or children. It is possible to have sex in the shower at home or at friends’.

It goes without saying that women’s breasts produce arousing effect for the majority of men. As a rule, men prefer not to look for any reasons when they want to touch them. Just touching breasts is rather a boring thing to do, though. It is much more pleasant to rub them. Special breast ointments or simply moisturizing creams are available in cosmetic stores everywhere. A man can apply some on his hands, come up to his woman from behind and start rubbing the cream in very gently. Such touches can drive a woman crazy; some may even experience a heavenly orgasm. Shaving process can bring yel even more pleasure with woman's help

Head massage is a very special and a very erotic kind of man-to-woman contact. A man can start with washing woman’s hair with shampoo and conditioner. He can try and pull her hair a little: this trick gives a woman a little of pleasant pain which concurrently stimulates her sexual desire and gives her a sense of relaxation.

Many women think that men look very sexy when they shave. Men need to take advantage of this popular belief. Women use shaving tackle in their lives on a regular basis too so a man is not supposed to be scared of letting her shave him with his razor. Some girls may find the shaving process extremely fascinating and wish to proceed further. It is not easy to guess which body part she may wish to shave. If she wants to shave your pubic hair off, give it a go. A shaved penis looks bigger: gentlemen making porn movies are perfectly aware of that. That is why they shave their “actors” all the time.

It would be stupid not to please a woman with a session of foot massage in a shower. Start massaging her feet from heels and proceed to toes. Give a special attention to the middle toe: specialists say that it is connected with genitals.

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