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'Beerbelly' allows to drink in public

Americans invented a device that allows everybody to drink alcohol in public. The inventors called the device “beerbelly”. Its usage is very simple – “beerbelly” is a container, which slips over your shoulders and around your waist, and holds an 80-ounce plastic bladder you fill with the beverage of your choice. It also has a special transparent hose that allows you to suck liquid from the container.

You could even tuck in an ice pack to keep your "beer gut" frosty. And it's available online, at, for $34.95. Beerbelly

In many states in the USA it is forbidden to drink alcohol, including beer, in public. It is also forbidden to drink such beverages at stadiums and in cinemas. Thanks to “Beerbelly” everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite drinks everywhere.

The device almost immediately became very popular not only in the USA, but also around the world. During a five-day period the internet-site owners registered more than 2 million guests. There were also plenty of telephone calls from those who wanted to buy this “fruit of civilization”.

Whether it's at the ballgame, a day in the park or - hey, why not? - perusing a wall full of Jackson Pollocks at the Museum of Modern Art (pictured), there's nothing like having a few brews on a warm day - having them secretly strapped to your gut, that is.

Hitting the town with a Beerbelly is like a cross between wearing a CamelBak hydration pack for cyclists and being six months pregnant with a precious little bundle of ale. On a test run last week in Midtown, only three or four people out of an afternoon commuter crowd of thousands did a double-take at the seamless yet disproportionately sized protrusion under my T-shirt, New York Post reports.

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