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Female hobbit was just an idiot

Researchers still cannot say anything definite about the personality and the body of a tiny woman which a group of Indonesian and Australian archeologists discovered in a cave on Flores Island. After a wide study of the woman’s remains and after a fight in which a leg of the creature got lost, a group of researchers arrived at a conclusion that she was not the type for which she was taken at first.

Indonesian paleoanthropologist Teuku Jacob fraudulently stole the bones, broke them and then pasted them together to make look nicer, at that the man kept one of the legs. The researcher insists that Flores hobbits were not at all particular variety of a human as is believed by those who discovered them. And the tiny brain of the found woman demonstrates that she was an imbecile. People of the same tribe made stone tools for hunting and butchering, and used fire for cooking; traces proving this were discovered in the cave as well. This shows that other members of the tribe were not imbeciles at all.

Other researchers also believe that the discovered body was one of the most famous varieties of an ancient human and the woman suffered from some unknown disease. The woman’s brain is too small and disagrees with the fundamental biology law saying that as humans evolved the bigger the brain, the better they were. It says if the body size is twice as less as compared with the contemporary human, the brain size must be just 15 per cent smaller in this case. As for the discovered species, the correlation between the body size and the brain size is awfully small.

Professor Martin did his study as based upon the theory that the discovered woman was Homo erectus. He used a formula to calculate that her brain size must make up 750 cubic centimeters at the height of one meter. But in fact, the hobbit’s brain size made up just 400 cubic centimeters. Ann McLarnon from the University of Rohampton in Britain found a microcephalic skull astonishingly resembling the female hobbit head. But the researchers who discovered the hobbit bones insist that the isolated life that hobbits led on the island, they call it island dwarfing, probably caused some evolution changes which we now treat as strange. They are skeptical about the conclusions of other colleagues and now hunt about the island for more remains of the same tribe to prove they have found not an imbecile colony.

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