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Woman falls into the basement while having shower

The supports of the old wooden block of flats in the small village Solnechnaya of Surgut district in Russia could not bear the total weight the bath, water and a lady, who fell into the basement while having shower, Novosti Yugry reports.

Fortunately Rozalia Valiakhmetova lives on the ground floor. As a result there is a hole in the bathroom and the woman injured her leg.

The block of flats was built twenty years ago. Dwellers could not remember when it was repaired. They are used to living without repairs as well as without some other things. In winter, for example, they have to wear warm shoes at home.

The hole in the woman’s flat is promised to be mended soon. The company that is responsible for repairing claims it has its own plan of works they stick to. Thus, they cannot do anything more quickly.  The company considers that what happened was out of season.

The dwellers have to install baths themselves, as it is not foreseen in the project. Thus, there are no pipes for discharge and people solved this problem easily: the water goes right into the basement. That is why there’s dampness and stink in the building. The bathtubs are ready to collapse any time. 


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