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Russians to sue Penthouse

Two Russians living in the USA decided to bring an action against Penthouse for publishing incorrect pictures. Vadim Levin and Alex Sheynis expected to see famous Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova naked in the magazine, as was stated on the cover. It was a complete shock for them to see pics of another woman, not Anna Kournikova.

. The men brought actions against Penthouse and claimed $8.99 each; the amount is the price of the Penthouse issue in which Kournikova photos were allegedly published. The claims were registered in a Chicago court. The two Russian men are upset that Penthouse published the photos claiming that they were of Anna Kournikova, even in spite of the fact that the tennis player herself declared them forgeries even beforehand. However, Penthouse withdrew the issues from sale only when Anna Kournikova and the daughter-in-law of famous fashion designer Luciano Benetton, the girl whose pics had been published, brought an action against the scandalous magazine. Finally, Penthouse managed to settle the scandal out of court. The editorial staff apologized to both girls and withdrew all remaining issues from sale.Gala net

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