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Most Unusual Reasons for Divorce

Divorce can come as a consequence in some truly absurd situations. For instance in Canada it would be enough for a wife to provide a proof that her husband’s snoring volume is equivalent to that of a racecar engine, and she would be granted the necessary divorce.

In Ancient Rome any husband could easily get rid of his wife if she had been unfaithful, if she had made a copy of his keys or if she had been drinking wine that didn’t complete the fermentation process. By the way, in order to make sure that their wives weren’t abusing alcohol Romans invented a beautiful tradition which became so popular that it survived to our days – kissing the woman on the lips.

AccordingDivorce to the Manu law an Indian had a right to change a wife not bearing him any children after 8th year, to change the one giving birth to dead ones after the 10th year and to change the one giving birth only to girls after the 11th year. But in the case of a quarrelsome wife divorce could be granted immediately. In China as well quarrelsomeness and gossip are considered legitimate reasons for marital separation.

In Italy forced dishwashing and other house chores can also become an issue serious enough for a divorce.

In Egypt one professor called the police and filed for a divorce on the grounds of having been deceived, after in his marriage bed he discovered the new wife to be bold.

Koreans had 7 leading causes of divorce, the major one showing disrespect to the husband’s parents. While this would be a problem serious enough to complete the process, others (such as consistent miscommunication or character mismatch) were not considered weighty enough.

An act of vandalism in England gives sufficient ground for a divorce. A soccer fan Neil Dewhart claimed just that. The reason was his wife’s act of vandalism as she washed his favorite T-shirt with a collection of autographs, reports

Recently in the U.S. an obsession with a Rubik’s Cube became an excuse for a divorce as well as for partitioning of property between the two parties. This uncomplicated device was invented in order to facilitate the intellectual development of mentally handicapped children. After the divorce the Cube remains with the side considered a victim in the case.

In Japan sleeping in an unacceptable position is a perfectly legitimate reason for the judge to grant a divorce.

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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