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Teenagers rape sex symbol of the 20th century

Teenagers rape sex symbol of the 20th centuryAuthor of the unique wax figure collection Viktor Zharkovskiy invited our special correspondent to check out his final piece – Marilyn Monroe. (hot pictures) As soon as we arrived to the artist’s workshop we discovered a horrifying scene: Marilyn’s disfugered body lay on the floor in a shameless pose. She was completely naked, her arms torn off, her legs broken…

We called the police immediately. Investigators carefully examined the place of crime. Then they took the broken lock out of the door and collected the fingerprints. Afterwards the specialists examined Monroe. Her artificial body was covered in semen. Men’s sperm was also discovered on the figure’s dress lying nearby. According to the police the workshop had received teenage visitors. Monroe ’s statue took 40kg of wax to be made

“These perverts were acting in an extremely rude manner,” Viktor Zharkovskiy belives, “It is very difficult to take off the clothes from a fragile wax statue. Even we professionals must spend quite a bit of time to complete this process when we relocate (and we relocate often because of our frequent traveling exhibitions). These were in a hurry and one of them was trying to spread Marilyn’s legs apart. As a result there is now a huge crack that formed at her pubis. They damaged her arms and legs while they were trying to lay her on the floor. Now they need to be recreated. In fact, the whole figure will have to be re-made. On top of everything these fetishist freaks stole Monroe ’s expensive lace panties.

Zharkovskiy worked on Monroe’s figure for almost 6 months. He studied hundreds of her pictures. He bought he lingerie in a prestigious shop “Wild Orchid.” Her special dress was custom-made. And now he must start all over again.

Mentioned crime assumes penalty according to the two Criminal Codex paragraphs: 214 “Vandalism” (sentenced to up to 3 months) and 161 “Burglary” (3 to 7 years in jail).


*Marilyn Monroe was first raped by her step-father when she was 8

* Monroe’s statue took 40kg of wax to be made

*Her dress and her underwear add up to $1,500

*The entire project cost the artist approximately $20,000

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