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Man robs bus using 2 dirty rats

A homeless man carrying two large street rats in each arm attacked a public bus full of people in the Colombian capital Bogota, causing the female passengers to panic and even lose consciousness. Terrorized victims emptied their wallets for the man to get him to leave the bus and take away his rats.

Man robs bus using two ratsApparently the attacker received much more that he had originally anticipated, the local sources reported Friday.

“If you don’t give me 10,000 pesos (approximately 3 euros) I will let the rats run loose in the vehicle,” he screamed as he boarded the bus, which was circling around the city center in the rush hour traffic.

“He was a tall skinny guy with greasy curly hair and he looked like he hadn’t shaved for a few days. He wasn’t dirty but it was clear he didn’t take care of himself. The bus driver didn’t even realize what was happening,” a witness told the city’s main newspaper El Tiempo.

The same witness added that the passengers of the bus, the female passengers in particular, began screaming and climbing the chairs, grabbing on to each other, while someone had apparently lost consciousness. Finally a man at the front of the bus pulled out a bill of 2,000 pesos and handed it to the homeless guy. After that the rest of the frightened people in the bus began handing him money and begging him to get out.

“After he was content with the amount he shook the rats over our heads, made a scary face at everyone and jumped off the bus,” the witness said.

Source: El Tiempo

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