Gulliver’s Travels becomes a porn novel

A Russian writer claims that Gulliver’s Travels was a porn novel in its original version.

Neonilla Samuhina,philosopher from St. Petersburg claims that the original version of the book was about carnal pleasures of Gulliver with 15-centimetre Lilliputians and 20-metre giants. 

Recently Moscow saw the publication of Erotic Adventures of Lemuel Gulliver, which is supposed to be the original of the famous book by Jonathan Swift. 

Samuhina assures that she bought the original manuscript. She refused to name the exact seller but said that she had bought from Fords family, descendants of Swift’s close friend.

“They tried to publish the manuscript before, but nobody believed in its originality. I did not want to believe it myself, but historians confirmed the age of the manuscript and even the style of narration”, Samuhina says.

The preface of the new book includes a complaint supposedly written by Swift himself. It is claimed that the writer complained that all the erotic passages that were an integral part of the novel had to be excluded.

In this book Gulliver tells how Lilliputian women pleased him and themselves and how it turned out that his sperm had a therapeutic effect on Lilliputians.

The director of Ehrenpreiss Centre for Swift studies in Germany, Hermann Real, called the book a lie skillfully made up to boost sales.

Joseph McMinn, professor of Anglo-Irish Literature at the University of Ulster, Great Britain, says that now and then there is somebody with so-called original manuscripts by a famous writer that has never been published before.

Neonilla Samuhina that sees her mission in sexual education of people opened The Institute of Soitology (from the Russian soitie – coition) in St. Petersburg.

In 2004 this institute published a book called Kamasutra for the Office, where office is viewed as a place for sexual pleasures and different recommendations on using it properly are given.

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