Penis size is stamped on men's shoes

Women always recommended their friends to pay attention to men's foot size. The larger the foot size, the longer the reproductive organ of a man. An international group of researchers has recently discovered that the ancient supposition was actually true. Specialists conducted an extensive research among men in many countries including Russia. It turned out that there was a connection between the size of men's shoes and the length of penis. There is a very simple mathematical formula, which regulates the shoes-penis dependence: H=(L+5)/2. L stands for the foot length in centimeters, whereas H designates the sought length of manhood. There can be exceptions from the rule found of course, like it always happens, although the formula proved to be correct with 90 percent of the polled men. Thus, a man wearing shoe size 41 has a 15-centimeter long penis. The chart continues with shoe size 43 - 18.4 centimeters, shoe size 44 - 21.6 centimeters, shoe size 45 - 24.4 centimeters, etc.

The above-mentioned mathematical formula has a physiological significance too: a male fetus develops genitals and extremities at almost one and the same period of time. The growth of one organ stimulates the development of the other.

Researchers are currently studying another formula to calculate the diameter of the reproductive organ: the diameter is said to be linked with the width of man's feet.

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