Americans love traditional sex

The vast majority of Americans are heterosexual and prefer traditional sex. Still, the US citizens begin to make whoopee at the early age. The research considering sexual preferences of American citizens was published Friday. The US National Medical Statistics Center unveiled the information about sexual preferences and sexual behaviour of Americans at the age from 15 to 44. The first interesting thing that scientists discovered was the fact that the positive example of pop singer Britney Spears, who claimed publicly she was saving herself for her husband, had no influence on Americans. Twelve percent of young men and ten percent of girls at the age of 15-19 satisfy themselves with petting and oral sex only.
In whole, the nation showed a strong traditional opinion on sexuality. In particular, 97 percent of American men aged from 25 to 44 claimed they were absolutely heterosexual and liked traditional sex. A fewer number of  Americans prefer oral love. Forty percent of male Americans showed a positive view on anal sex. In average, an American man has up to eight sexual partners in his life. Women of this age group proved to be more reserved: they have not more than four sexual partners.

As far as sexual minorities are concerned, the research shows, that for the last year only three percent of Americans (1.8 million) practiced oral sex with a person of their own sex. American women of the same age group showed a higher index: there are about four percent of lesbians in the US. Six percent of men and eleven percent of women had homosexual relations during their life. About one percent of male Americans and three percent of female Americans suppose they are bisexual. The rest of participants of the poll hesitated to answer.

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