Fatty female strippers become more popular among Russian men

Men who have a passion for night clubs are tired of watching slim girls stripping on stage and dancing with poles. Some people would rather prefer exotic shows in which they could enjoy the view of lively old ladies, dwarfs and super-plump girls.

Ten years ago, the Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets organized Russia’s first contest among fat women. Three winners of the contest had their lives radically changed after they won. At first they appeared in advertising of clothes and swimsuits for plump women and then began to parody striptease in night clubs. Today, there are four standing show groups of plump girls working in Russia. One of them is even registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest show group having the weight of 600 kg per four actresses.

One should agree that plump women are really brave to reveal their bodies in public at the time when majority of women of the same body size have to wear loose low-key clothes to conceal their figures.

Girls dancing in plump girls shows say that besides the frame they should obligatorily be artistic, plastic and rhythmical. One of the most important things in such shows is to be able to ignite the audience. Plump girls play the roles of sexy police women or nurses to excite male audiences. This is a really hard job to do because men in the audience can be really tough sometimes. So, girls have to rehearse their shows regularly, and consequently lose weight. This is a very serious problem for dancers in plump shows when they lose from four to twelve kilogram of weight within four months when they rehearse new shows.

Managers of plump girls show complain that big bellies are the key problem among plump women, especially those participating in dance shows. It looks that bellies are much bigger than bosoms and buttocks. It is important for fat show girls to keep up the good tone of their bodies, in other words not to lose flesh. Like slender girls in strip shows, plump dancers also wear sexy, albeit huge underwear. Even girls weighing 100 kilograms put on lacy G-strings.

Plump show girls say they have lots of admirers. These girls are certain that they are sexier than slender female strippers because of some special hormones that plump women secrete.

Plump girls show is not a mere dancing performance on stage. Girls often involve men from the audience into their shows, especially younger men. They add that elder men are extremely conservative, and even if they like watching such shows they will still never play up to girls.

Professional plump girls shows give a performance for $350 on average which makes up at least $1,000 in the framework of a regular time-table. Besides, there are lots of unprofessional groups today that engage fleshy women able to slightly move their hands and legs. These big dancers cost less: $200 is still a pretty good sum for non-professionals.

While the majority of the audience treat plump dancers as fun, they themselves do not want to be just fun. At the time when plump girls shows are rather popular in Russian regions, they are a poor attraction for the audience in the capital.

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