British spy caught on tape masturbating on a stone-like transmitter

 Journalist of Russia’s First TV Channel (ORT) Viktor Shvagerus insists that Russian special services have a video of British spy Andrew Fleming masturbating on the spy stone. Two weeks ago, Russia’s FSB reported seizing of a spy electronic device belonging to the British intelligence designed as a stone. But it turned out later that the national TV channels did not show the most interesting part of the spy scandal.

The other day, cameraman of the First TV Channel Viktor Shvagerus informed on his Internet page (the blog ‘svezhy’) that editors of the channel had censored the footage of the operation made by the FSB. The cameraman wrote: “Censorship was applied to the footage showing one of the supposed spies performing an indecent action with the stone-like transmitter. Behind the cameras FSB experts explained that the British spy was masturbating in front of the stone. They did not name the man, but they grinned every time the name of Andrew Fleming was mentioned (secretary of the British Embassy in Russia Andrew Fleming is meant).”

There is no reason to doubt the credibility of the statements made by the well-known journalist. The spy stone scandal was stinky from very beginning. And now when more details of the story have surfaced it seems to be more revolting.

Head of the RF FSB’s Public Relations Center Colonel Sergey Ignatchenko says the electronic device disguised as a stone may cost about $30 million. Mr. Andrew Fleming will have a good time talking to his chiefs about the frivolous actions that he performed with such an expensive device, Express Gazeta wrote.

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