Red heart shapes were inspired by women’s beautiful buttocks

It turns out that the worldwide known heart-shape, the symbol of love, doesn’t have to do anything with its anatomic original. An American psychologist says it wasn’t the human heart but the women’s buttocks that were used as its prototype.

Galdino Pranzarone, a psychologist from the Roanoke College in Salem , Virginia , says that the red chubby heart, the symbol of love, was inspired by women’s body shape . He suggests that it was the beauty of women’s buttocks that inspired our predecessors to use this part of the body as a symbol that later on became the symbol of love.

"We can hardly say that the two halves of the red heart shape correspond to the two lobes of the ear or two ventricles of the heart put together”, - says the scientist. Pranzarone also said that the real human heart could never be that scarlet. He adds the heart doesn’t have a hollow on top and a bevel from top to bottom. Yet woman's buttocks have this very contour.

During his research, professor Prazarone has scrupulously analyzed volumes of literary and mythological sources and found the supporting evidence for his hypothesis. The psychologist reminds that even ancient Greeks glorified the beauty of women’s body, especially of the reverse side of it, so to speak. For example, Aphrodite was considered the goddess of beauty inspiring everybody mostly by the shape of her buttocks. The Greeks even constructed a temple called “ Aphrodite Kallipygos” that can be translated as “Goddess with Beautiful Buttocks”.

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