Someone in the government of Thailand had a penis enlargement operation

A large albeit quite an erotic scandal is stirring up in Thailand. One of the members of the Thai government has supposedly had penis enlargement surgery on the sly.

The news transpired in the Thai press and caused an outrageous scandal in the government of Thailand. The Prime Minister of the country, Thaksin Shinawatra, asked this question to the ministers point-blank during the session of the government on Tuesday: “Tell me, who did that?” The question took the high-ranking officials by surprise: the ministers were looking down on the floor, nervously fidgeting on their chairs. None of the ministers, however, confessed to the delicate surgery, AFP says.

The prime minister of Thailand said that the news about the enlarged penis had received an intensive coverage in the world media and stained the reputation of the Thai government. “I do not want people to think that we are busy with such problems here,” Thaksin Shinawatra said.

The prime minister even joked that the governmental ministers would probably have to undergo an exclusive medical examination with the head of the Ministry for Healthcare in order to find out the one, who caused the ticklish situation.

The scandal occurred when a Thai woman, Rawiwan Setharat, sued the hospital, which, as she claimed, gave her a face-disfiguring silicon injection. The woman was accused of lies; doctors particularly said that she had never been their patient. Setharat made a public statement to reporters afterwards and said that one of the cabinet members had had his penis enlarged in that hospital. The woman warned the anonymous minister and asked him to act a witness on the trial. "The problem of my face is bigger than the problem of your penis," the woman told the minister through reporters.

As it was mentioned above, none of the ministers confessed to the penis enlargement operation. They only cracked jokes when the session of the cabinet was over, on how they could ferret out the “perpetrator.”

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