Anna Kournikova kicks Enrique Iglesias out because of dogs

Former tennis player and now fashion star Anna Kournikova kicked Enrique Iglesias out of her house. Anna Kournikova

The singer has been dating Kournikova for six years already. The sweet couple decided to share one roof about six months ago. The dream went up in smoke very quickly: the willful Russian girl showed Iglesias the door.

“We’ve spent six months living together, but she kicked me out of the house. We had a fight and made it up very soon, but she does not let me move back in,” the saddened signer said.

However, the singer continues to worship the Russian beauty even if he is not allowed to ring her bell.

“She is a wonderful, beautiful, strong and independent woman. The reasons for the fight were stupid. It was something about dogs,” Iglesias says.

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