Largest penis size registered in England

Doctor Jacobus states in his publications that he witnessed a man having a 30 centimeter-long penis when erected. Some sources however mention that there was a man having a penis of 35 centimeters when erected. Certainly, there are less lucky men having tiny penises, sometimes just one centimeter long, that they are even called micro-penises. This is certainly a disease that doctors call Congenital Hypoplasia.

Researchers studied the geography of big and small penises and published the results. England holds the leading position as concerning the big penis size (26.67 cm) as well as the small penis size (6.98 cm). Germany follows with 21.59 cm big size and 8.89 cm small size; Denmark – 20.32 cm big size and 12.7 cm small size; America – 19.68 cm big size and 8.89 cm small size; Sweden – 19.6 cm big size and 12.7 cm small size; France – 19.6 cm big size and 8.89 cm small size.

Doctor Van de Helde is sure that the size of men’s testicles does not seriously vary. The normal testicles size is not more than 4 cm lengthwise and 2 cm widthways. There is a worm that blocks lymphatic vessels and causes big swellings that makes testicles incredibly huge. Men in some African and Indonesian villages are proud of the huge size of their swollen testicles and demonstrate them as the symbol of their undoubted masculinity.

A Danish plastic surgeon performed 1,100 operations on the penis thus enlarging its size from 5 to 14.5 cm.

Historical documents say that when Egyptians smashed Libya in the 13th century B.C. they brought 13,230 penises of the defeated enemies back to Egypt as war trophies.

W.F. Benedict in the book The Sexual Anatomy of Woman mentions that there was a 14-year-old girl who had a breast weighing 6.3 kg and a 30-year-old woman who had a breast of 11.3 kg. In case there are heavier bosoms, this is the sign of a disease called hypertrophy. Swiss biologist Albrecht von Haller stated that in one of his researches he came across a clitoris of about 30.5 cm.

It is incredible but some females in the African tribes of Hottentotten have the world’s biggest buttocks of about one meter in diameter.

Anna Swan from Scotland who lived within 1846-1888 had the biggest vagina ever registered it the world. It was 2 meters and 30 centimeters deep.

As for animals, there are lots of sexual record breakers among them as well. The blue whale has a penis reaching up to 3.5 meters that has a penis bone for special support. The big penis size means that female blue whales must have vaginas of 2-3 meters deep to be able to have sex contacts with their males. Testicles of the Arctic smooth whale weigh about one ton while its own size makes up 11-18 meters and the weight is 30-80 tons.

The African elephant is the record-breaker among animals regarding the penis size. Its penis is up to 2 meters long.

This is incredible that some creatures may have several genitals at once. The tapeworm whose length may reach 70 meters parasitizes in intestines and forms over 22,000 of reproduction organs. Each segment of these organs has two genitals.

The fly Drosophila Bifurca has a spermatozoon of 6 cm in length which is twenty times bigger than the size of the fly itself.

Together with the genitals size of animals and insects, researchers also studied how long their coitus usually is. A couple of rattlesnakes Crotalus L. had coitus that lasted for 23 hours and 15 minutes. But a couple of mosquitoes usually spend not more than three seconds on one sex contact.

God knows how researchers managed at all to estimate this fact but they say that pigs may have orgasms that last about half an hour.

The period of pregnancy with the mountain salamander Hynobius nigrescens depends upon the sea-level at which it lives. It may last for over three years when the salamander lives at 1,400 meters above sea-level.

The Guinness Book of World Records states that male species of the East-Australian mice Antechinus stuartii lead the riskiest sexual life. Every year these mice have group coupling. The entire of the male population copulate with many female mice in different ways. At that, male mice eat up some probable rivals. As a result of this risky copulation, as well as because of hunger, wounds, infections and sores the whole of the Antechinus stuartii population absolutely dies out.

Master and Johnson published a book in 1966 in which they said that a woman may have an orgasm lasting for up to 43 seconds. At that, a woman has about 25 consecutive vagina constrictions.

It is registered that on average a man has an orgasm within 3-8 seconds. And it is believed that regular practicing of yoga, autogenic therapy and so on may help have longer orgasms lasting for 10 seconds.

Some men like to compete with other males in the number of girls they have deflowered. In the 18th century, Captain Cook witnessed a record-breaker in deflowering girls. It is unlikely that the record has been ever broken. In 1777, Cook sailed about islands in the Pacific Ocean and visited the Kingdom of Tonga where he met King Poulaho. The king was the only man in the kingdom who had the right to deflower girls living there. The 80-year-old king told the captain that he deflowered 80-10 girls every day. So, it means that the king managed to deflower more than 37,000 aboriginal girls during his long life.

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