Police officer dresses as a sexy housewife to save woman from burglars

police officer as sexy housewifeThe police department of the Russian city of Ulyanovsk obtained information about an attack that a group of criminals was going to commit against a local business woman. The police decided to arrest the gangsters in the woman's apartment, but the 27-year-old lady was supposed to be replaced with a completely different person of opposite sex.

A female police officer would not be good to suit the role of a stool pigeon: the criminals were too dangerous. A man dressed up as a woman was supposed to become the main hero of the risky story. Officer Igor Selendeyev, a fine shooter and a very good judo wrestler, was chosen for the unusual role. His colleagues borrowed makeup and a wig for the officer from a local theater. When other men in the department saw their pal dressed up as a woman with lipstick on, they could not stop laughing: Igor looked very pretty and even sexy.

Officer Igor Selendev had to shave his face three times in a row not to leave the slightest trace of stubble. The man put on a night gown to create the image of a relaxed housewife at night. There was a flak jacket underneath the gown, though.

The bandits knocked on the door at about midnight: "Open up, we got documents here to give you!" When the trans-officer opened the door, he saw two masked men: "Just one sound bitch and you will be dead. We need money." The "frightened lady" begged the burglars not to kill her. The next instant the "lady" knocked one of the criminals down and made the other one kiss the floor too. The police hurried to help from another room of the flat, but the thieves were resting on the floor handcuffed and unconscious.

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