Let's do it like they do on the Discovery channel

It is obvious that each human considers him or herself the king of beasts and the lord of nature.  Each man in his turn considers himself the sexiest creature on Earth. If only people knew about sexual deeds of the animals they would restrain their ardor.

The first to start with will be rabbits, of course. For some mysterious reason they are considered the symbol of sexual unrestraint and male power. In this case, however, their fascinating reproductive abilities should be mentioned: rabbits are able to bring forth up to six times a year. Scientists claim that if no measures were taken in 90 years there will already be one rabbit for every square meter.

Nevertheless there are animals that can compete with rabbits. These are lemmings. A female lemming is able to get pregnant after only two weeks after bearing. Pregnancy lasts for only two weeks. One of the lemming couples produced eight litters in 167 days. Sadly enough, a male died afterwards.

As far as female rabbits are concerned they have a curious physiological peculiarity: they usually have more embryos than babies afterwards. Some of the embryos are simply dissolved.

But let’s get back to sexual heroes of the animal world. Male kangaroo is able to have sex five times a day. Man can outdo them. Not all of them, though. Still there is an animal that can outdo a man. It is a true king of the beasts – a lion. A male lion held a record of 86 sexual intercourses in 24 hours.  

Even ladybirds can be called sex-machines. Some scientists claim that they have sex more often than any other living creature on our planet. They do it every day for nine hours. It is said that ladybirds even have orgasm and moreover in their case it lasts 1,5 hours and can be repeated three times one after another. 
Mosquitoes’ sex lasts only two seconds whereas sables can do it for up to eight hours non-stop. 
If we try to evaluate male’s power according to the number of ejaculations than the first prize will go to a hamster that ejaculates up to 50 times an hour.
Still, another criterion that is important is, of course, the size. African bug has a tiny penis but it is two thirds of the size of its body. It can be compared with a man having 120-centimetere penis.

As far as females are concerned, according to biologists 70 percent of the female species prefer polygamy.

Some of sexual preferences in the animal world are strange or even creepy. A female mantis, for instance, eats a male right after or even during coitus.
Male octopus leaves his genital organ in a female’s body. Then it grows again. Scientists sometimes find several of such “presents” in the bodies of female octopuses.

Disgusting slugs will seem to you even more disgusting when you find out how they reproduce kind. These creatures have both male and female genitals. When they encounter they try to bite off each other’s penis.  The one that loses it becomes…a mother or a female.

Now you should be proud of being a human, eh?

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