Erotic film about Ukrainian Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko ready to hit movie theaters

Russia movie-makers finished the production of the sarcastic movie, in which they ridiculed the President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, and Ukrainian Prime Minister, Julia Timoshenko.

The new movie is called Julia. It is an erotic motion picture about an influential man and an influential woman, whose hair is braided in peasant's style. Aleksey Mitrofanov, one of the leaders of the Russian Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia, took part in writing the scenario for the film.

"They call each other Julia and Mikhail, but they do not mention their last names throughout the film. We decided not to include full names in the film to avoid scandals," Mr. Mitrofanov said.

The actor and the actress, who play the main parts in the new movie, bear a striking resemblance to Ukrainian Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. Julia's part is played by actress Elena Bond, who once won the Miss Moscow title, the Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote.

There is a pool scene in the film: when Mikhail and Julia enjoy themselves in the pool, Mikhail strokes Julia on the head and incidentally pulls her plait off. When the Georgian president looks at the fake hair, he sadly realizes that Ukraine has pulled his leg again.

The characters' conversation about President Bush became the main intrigue of the film. Julia tries to find out from Mikhail, what was that thing that Bush had told him during his visit to Georgia. Being afraid of bugs that could be possibly placed in the office, Mikhail tells her that he would talk about it only in a helicopter, and the next scene takes place there. In the helicopter, Julia asks Mikhail to perform oral sex on her. It turns out during the process that there was a bug on the fly of Mikhail's trousers.

Polish and Japanese promoters have already evinced interest in the new film. However, it seems that it will be State Duma deputies, who will have a chance to see the film first.

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