Wearing 625 condoms at once leads to severe penile injury

Some of you may have heard of the practice of “double bagging” – wearing two condoms during sex for extra protection. Taking this idea to its ultimate extreme, researchers from myscienceproject.org set out to answer the question “How many condoms can you put on your dick?”

However, since they were unable to find anyone with a penis willing to undertake this assignment, they had to settle for answering the question “How many condoms can you put on a dildo?” The answer: a lot. Hundreds. Tons. Or at least a couple of pounds worth.

The experiment began with a bare dildo and a box of bulk regular size and thickness condoms.

The first 100 or so condoms went on quite easily, and added about two inches of length to the dildo. However, after 200 condoms had been applied, it became obvious that the condoms’ reservoir tips were stacking up, giving the dildo a distinctive, missile-like shape.

By the time of 300 condom mark, the dildo had become so top heavy it could not stand upright unsupported. As researchers kept adding condoms, the length of the dildo continued to extend, while its girth at the widest point began to approach the diameter of a soda can.

Unfortunately, researchers finally exhausted their supply of condoms and had to stop their experiment However, they became one step closer to answering the question “How many condoms can you put on a dildo?” At least 625.

The condoms also added an impressive amount of weight to the dildo. Pre-condoms, the bare dildo weighed in at just over 1 pound -- about 1 lb. In contrast, the condom-covered dildo weighed in at a hefty 3 lbs. The condoms added a full 2.25 lbs.

The results of our experiment indicate that putting a large number of condoms on an actual male sex organ would most likely result in severe penile injury. First, the pressure exerted by the condoms would result in constriction of circulation in the penis and probable tissue damage. Second, if left unsupported, the weight of the condoms would pull the penis and scrotum downward and could possibly result in injury to the penile shaft or base of the organ and groin. Do not attempt this experiment with an actual penis.

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