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Extreme sex makes woman handicapped

Extreme sex is especially popular among young people. They are usually eager to experience some new feelings and emotions. Anna and Sergey, a young couple from Yekaterinburg region wasn’t an exception. Having started their sexual life they bought a book of Kamasutra and began trying different poses without thinking about possible consequences.

Extreme sex makes woman handicapped“Sergey was an extremely passionate lover and we could spend the whole day and night in our bed trying new poses”, Anna said.

One night Sergey pinned Anna’s legs to her breasts like it was drawn in the book but at the most important moment they heard the sound of crackling bones, and the girl felt an awful pain in her left leg. However, they didn’t pay much attention to the injury and went on enjoying the process.

“The pain was becoming sharper and sharper, but Sergey was feeling much more comfortable because I couldn’t make a move. Then my leg swelled and hurt me so much that I couldn’t even sit down. So we had to call an ambulance”, says Anna.

Anna was taken to the nearest hospital where medics determined that she had a very serious hip dislocation. The doctors tried to set a dislocated joint but they failed.

The victim of extreme sex had to be hospitalized at the Medical Research Institute of Yekaterinburg where after a long and difficult operation surgeons managed to help the girl.

Now Anna feels much better. She is just a bit lame. She forgave Sergey for his Kamasutra activities, and they live happily together now.

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